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FFBans.org Updates

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The Fairfight Ban List - FFBans.org
For anyone who doesn't already know, I created the Fairfight ban list due to the lack of an official ban list from GamersFirst. Seeing as how Madonnna likes locking our threads on the GamersFirst forums. I will now place all updates for FFBans.org on here.
Update 29 June 2015 (2015.6.29):
  • Switched Union to Jericho, after G1 finally stopped reporting "Union" as the server name for bans. All bans for both Union and Jericho will show up. I won't change existing data because that would destroy comments.
Update 9 June 2015 (2015.6.9):
  • Added non-existent characters, every now and then, the Twitter feed includes a character that does not exist in the game. This change will allow you to track these. Also added "exists" keyword in search. See the stats page for usage.
  • Fixed issues with feed, there were a few issues with the feed not updating. These have been resolved.
Update 8 June 2015 (2015.6.8):
  • Added version number, so you can always tell when I last updated the site. The version number links to this page.
  • Removed Disqus ads, these ads were getting me no money, were very tacky and above all, would break SSL compatibility.
Update 3 June 2015 (2015.6.3):
  • New servers, Union and Citadel are now fully supported. The old server names will be kept for prosperity.
  • Timezone support, ban times are now in your local timezone instead of UTC.
Update 26 March 2015 (2015.5.25):
  • Added IRC details, come and chat with us on IRC. I've added a few details on how to connect.
  • Changed some formatting, there's no longer large spacing between the letters on titles and the webkit bar now looks better.
Update 20 February 2015 (2015.2.20):
  • Added a logo, FFBans now has its own logo instead of using the Social District logo. Rejoyce!
Update 16 February 2015 (2015.2.16):
  • Added server status, the status of each server now appears at the bottom of the screen with either a green tick or a red cross indicating whether the servers are up or not.
  • Fixed footer on mobile devices, the footer now appears correctly on mobile devices.
  • Added footer to popups, the footer now displays on comment popups so you can still see server status.
Update 15 February 2015 (2015.2.15):
  • Added page number, a page number will now show at the bottom of the screen in-between the next/previous page buttons.
Update 14 February 2015 (2015.2.14):
  • Added paging, you can now click next or previous page to view more bans instead of needing to search or click All bans to display more.
Update 30 September 2014 (2014.9.30):
  • Added Advanced filters. As promised, the site now has advanced filters. You can see them in use on the statistics page if you click on any item. For example clicking on the rating graph will take you to a filtered list of players for that range. They are used within the search box as text filters. So for example if you click on R240-R255, the search box will get R:240-255. The filters can be combined.
  • Added search links. You can now link directly to a search result, for example: https://ffbans.org/search/R:255

Complete list of search filters:

  • server: e.g.: server:Colby
  • faction: e.g.: faction:Enforcer
  • gender: e.g.: gender:Male
  • date: Supports ranges. E.g.: date:yesterday-today
  • R: Supports ranges and standalone. E.g.: R:240-255, R:255

All filters can be combined and still include a search. For example:

server:Colby faction:Enforcer gender:Female R:255 poedgirl
Update 17 September 2014 (2014.9.17): (Yeah, I'm updating it often :D)
  • Added Twitter feed as source. Considering they're mostly new bans now, it will be scanned for new tweets every ten minutes and any new tweets will be matched against the current list, if they don't exist, they will be added.
  • Embedded original tweet. The original tweet is now embedded in the ban pages now. This behaves like any other Twitter oEmbed object on any other site.
  • Fixed Disqus comment counts. Disqus comment and like counts will now show on every ban that has either a like or a comment. Due to the fact that a maintenance task is already running every 10 minutes, adding this to the list of tasks was trivial.
Update 16 September 2014 (2014.9.16):
  • Added Twitter verification. There is now a Twitter icon on each user's page showing that the ban was verified by the Twitter feed. Clicking this icon will take you to the tweet.
  • Obtained extra bans from Twitter. There were many bans that were on Twitter, but not on FFBans, these have now been added with the date set at the 21st of July, the date Fairfight started banning people.
  • Added extra statistics. A few extra stats have been added now, total bans, total on Twitter and total not on Twitter.
  • Updated Twitter Icons. In addition to having the Twitter icon on each user's page, the icon will also now be displayed next to their name on the actual list.
Update 15 September 2014 (2014.9.15):
  • Added a statistics page, you can now access it by going to https://ffbans.org/stats/ or clicking on the Show statistics link at the bottom of the main page (next to Show all bans).
  • Added SSL, not really an essential feature due to Disqus handling most things, but I prefer it.
  • Added option to disable background animations, as this was known to cause lag whilst having APB open.
  • Fixed display on mobile devices, mobile devices should now display many things much better than they did before, this is still a work-in-progress though.
I will continue to post updates here as they are made. Stay tuned!

Colby (US West): Enforcer: poedgirl ( Social Heroes) - Criminal: MissHell ( Social Villains)
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whay to many shit player cant play good on this game he report gold player for hack or somthing idk but  i get lagg evry time me pc is not for this game but i cant make video to tell player i no hack  if i open to make video i get dc and crash this game 


  • Guests

whay to many shit player cant play good on this game he report gold player for hack or somthing idk but  i get lagg evry time me pc is not for this game but i cant make video to tell player i no hack  if i open to make video i get dc and i get crash 

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